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L’espace Créole Loisirs Conciergerie

Indicator of a top-of-the-range service, and guarantee of the success of your dream holiday, what would La Créole Hôtel Beach & Spa be without its concierge leisure area?

La Créole Beach Hotel & Spa has many activities within the hotel as well as a concierge service that will make your dreams of excursions come true by offering you activities, boat rental, car rental and a multitude of other things to make your stay an unforgettable experience in Paradise. Put on your flip-flops, your straw hat and your sunglasses, all you have to think about is enjoying yourself because, from the registration of your boarding passes to the activities on site, we take care of everything.


But what a conciergerie is ?

Let’s take the example of Mrs Martin who would like to visit the islands of Guadeloupe but does not know what activities she can do with her two young children. She then contacts the concierge who will inform her about the different outings that she and her family will be able to do. Mrs Martin decides to go to the aquarium, we book the time slot for her, then as she has no car, we arrange a taxi for her to take the four of them from the hotel to the aquarium. The next day, she decides to put her children at Club Ti-Moun to go visit Île des Saintes with her husband. We then book the boat trip for them and book Éric, the guide, who will take them to the island’s must-see places and tell them his story.

Always at your disposal to accompany you throughout your stay, you will find all the best addresses. The reception, open 24 hours a day, will also answer all your questions and requests for information. Whatever your needs, at La Créole Beach Hotel & Spa, you will always find someone to answer them.


Good reasons to trust the Espace Créole Loisirs Conciergerie :

The Conciergerie allows you to find the advice of specialists, these people live and know Guadeloupe like the back of their hand which allows them to give you the best advice and the best addresses according to what you want to discover of the archipelago. Here, we are really listening to your desires and intend to adapt our activities to your profile thanks to a close and privileged contact with you. We are also partners with many tested and approved service providers in whom you can have complete confidence to get quality at the best price. Our main objective in short? To be able to make you live an authentic Creole experience according to your desires and requests.

Why should you trust us? 

  • Personalized advice
  • Booking of excursions
  • Reservation of activities on all the islands
  • Local heritage workshops
  • Entrance to parks and gardens
  • Vehicle rental
  • Your ticket to the islands
  • Tropical Flowers Order
  • Original and creative experiences

All the Islands of Guadeloupe have an authentic and original charm which is just waiting to conquer you:

Basse-Terre: the island of rivers and waterfalls. You will find there superb diving spots as well as beautiful hiking trails. The Soufrière volcano is an essential experience for any trip to the islands of Guadeloupe.
Grande-Terre: the island of many facets. We really recommend the bay of Saint-François.
The islands of Saintes: an archipelago of 9 islets, they are dazzling and worth the detour for their landscapes, their remains and especially their bays. The bay of Terre-de-Haut is part of the closed circle of the most beautiful bays in the world.
La Désirade: an island very rich in fauna and flora. It offers you to see wild landscapes in a case of idyllic beaches.
Marie-Galante: the island of a hundred mills, in its picturesque charm offers you the authenticity of Guadeloupean life.



What types of activities do we offer?

Our guided day or half-day excursions, in 4×4, mini bus, around the heritage…
Guadeloupe from the sky
Our islands of Guadeloupe à la carte : Les Saintes, Terre de Haut, Terre de Bas, Marie Galante, Désirade, Petite-Terre
Blue activities
The butterfly in nature, hiking, forest
Entrances of park and Aquarium: Zoo of Guadeloupe, botanical garden

You can have creative experiences by creating your fragrance, your jewelry, your chocolate bar from the bean, participate in cooking classes. You can also choose 100% authentic Creole experiences by taking, for example, Gwoka classes… Well-being is also a must during your stay in our islands, we offer various initiations to yoga, meditation, mud bath, forest bath etc…

The activities can last 1 hour like a whole day, there is something for all tastes and colours! You just have to let yourself be guided…




You still haven’t understood that our only reason for existing is to make you spend an unforgettable holiday? Here is an example of an exceptional day that the concierge service and its partners offer you:

8:30 am: We have an appointment at the base to pick up the quads, we enjoy the coolness and the morning calm. The beach of Saint-François is magnificent at the first rays of the sun. We join a group of 8 to 10 people.

First of all there is an initiation on the circuit, a quick briefing on the program of the day and the safety instructions.

9h : We leave for the ride. We take the small paths, cross the sugar cane fields to get to the DISTILLERIE DAMOISEAU. On the spot, we visit and discover the secrets of rum making. We are delighted as we can even buy bottles on the spot which will be transported for us to the hotel.

11am: We leave in the direction of Le Moule, from there we follow the seafront to Anse à la Bouelle. The coast is beautiful and really worth the detour. We pass by Petite Porte d’Enfer du Moule and take small paths to reach the base.

13h : We are at the base, it’s time for a break. We enjoy a Creole meal where we are served aperitifs, main course, dessert and digestifs. It’s an opportunity for all of us to discover Creole specialties made by a real cook! We are offered ti punh, planter, juices with accras. Grilled fish, chicken colombo, coconut flan, flambéed bananas and of course we finish with Creole coffee (coffee with rum and other ingredients) and digestifs!

Around 2pm: We set off again by Quad towards l’Anse à l’Eau, but as the weight of the meal makes itself felt everyone takes the time to admire the landscape, to relax and laze around for a good half hour. We then take the road back to the seaside to Baie Olive where we take another break.

17h: We return to the base. There, we share a last drink of friendship before separating and returning to the hotel, our heads full of beautiful memories and images of the island’s beauties.


Marie-Galante’s beach


We keep up to date articles on this blog where we tell and propose you experiences in the Islands of Guadeloupe, here are the links of the articles :

Sports activities :

Holidays are an opportunity to discover new destinations, to get out of one’s comfort zone and challenge oneself by testing new things or by giving oneself the opportunity to discover new surfing or snorkeling spots for amateurs. So put on your sneakers or jerseys and set off on an adventure with us!

Volcano Trekking

Cultural Activities :

When we talk to you about the Caribbean and especially the islands of Guadeloupe you automatically think “dream beaches”? It’s not only that! Far from it! The history and culture of the archipelago is extremely rich and will know how to fascinate you. The archipelago has no shortage of cultural outings that will surprise you.

Visit the ACT Memorial

Family Activities :

There is no age to discover many things! Children also love to visit the islands of Guadeloupe, and they will appreciate as much as you do the escapades in the Caribbean archipelago, we have concocted a small list of activities that will delight young and old alike:

Family visit to the aquarium
A day in Marie-Galante


La Farniente:

What would a good holiday be without a bit of lazing around and a few moments of fanning out your toes, basking in the sun? Put on your most beautiful swimsuit, your pair of flip-flops and go read the latest bestseller on the most beautiful beaches of the islands of Guadeloupe, we even reveal the secrets of their location :

10 beaches to know about on Grande-Terre

And the list is far from being exhaustive, indeed, Guadeloupe rhymes with beaches, scuba diving, volcanoes, hiking and many other excursions each more incredible than the other! There is something for all tastes and colors, each activity will put the eyes of your whole family.

We wish you an excellent holiday in the islands of Guadeloupe and lots of unforgettable memories!

Contact our Concierge :
Miss Gwladys MARTIAL
Tel: +590 (0) 5 90 90 23 69 / +590 (0) 6 90 57 25 82


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