La Creole Beach and SPA

Les Saintes, Terre-de-Haut

The Bay of the Saints

2 Ilets are inhabited: Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas. Both are well worth the detour! You will easily find a ferry to get there from Pointe à Pitre, St François or Trois-Rivières.

Le tourment d’amour, spécialité des Saintes

The torment of love

After a short crossing, on the pier, La marchand de Tourment d’Amour offers you THE speciality of the Saints. A kind of coconut tartlet with a sponge cake, lemon zest, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon. In the past, the fishermen’s wives used to prepare this Caribbean sweet, with all their love, to bring comfort to their husbands after a hard day at sea.

Terre-de-Haut is a car-free paradise! (Except electric ones). We move around on foot, bicycle or scooter. To take full advantage of the island, it is convenient to rent a 2-wheeler.

Vue sur les Saintes depuis le Fort Napoléon

Assault Fort Napoleon. The fortress has never known a single shot! It was used as a penitentiary before becoming a museum bearing witness to the past of Saint-Sainte. As you walk along the covered way you will discover a superb botanical garden dedicated to succulent plants.

On top the view is sublime. In the distance, Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante and Dominica can be seen. Closer (included in the Saintes archipelago) the islet of Cabrit with the remains of Fort Josephine facing Fort Napoleon.

La Maison bateau d’Adolphe Catan

Among the curiosities to be discovered: the boat house. An astonishing construction in the shape of a boat bow built in 1942 by Adolphe Catan, a Guadeloupean photographer. It was donated to the commune of Terre-de-Haut in 1955 to serve as a residence for the island’s doctors.

Plage Pompierre

The beach of Pompierre

Direction La Plage de Pompierre, perhaps the most beautiful beach on the island. Protected from the ocean by a rocky barrier, it offers a calm and quiet swim. A beautiful beach, about 800m, of white sand shaded by mangroves and coconut trees where it is good to picnic. On the way to the beach you will come across many iguanas absolutely not afraid to see you!

La Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa

Le Pain de sucre, les Saintes

The famous Sugar Loaf

The Sugar Loaf beach, a sublime postcard image recognizable among a thousand! But before reaching it you have to walk a good 45 minutes. Many yachtsmen come to moor their boats near the small beach. If you like snorkeling don’t forget your equipment! You will see many colourful fish and beautiful coral formations.

Plage de Crawen – Les Saintes

Crawen Cove

Another dream place: Crawen Cove, a small wild beach far from the city where you feel like a Robinson. The seabed is home to colourful fish, sponges and beautiful corals. You will enjoy swimming, no doubt and also sunsets.

Terre-de-Haut has plenty of charming little beaches, L’Anse Rodrigue, l’Anse du Figuier for example.

Take the time to discover

The ideal way to discover Terre-de-Haut is to spend 2 days there, that leaves time to inspect every nook and cranny of the island, to take the time to walk around the village with its houses with colourful facades, red roofs and elaborate friezes. Perhaps you will also see a fisherman wearing a Salako (traditional hat of the Saints).