La Creole Beach and SPA

A Tour of the Memorial ACTe

The Caribbean Centre for Expression and Remembrance of the Slave offers permanent and temporary exhibitions, live concerts and showings of documentaries.


Located at the entrance to the harbour in Pointe-à-Pitre, the building is positioned like a vessel at the crossroads of the Guadeloupe islands, at the heart of the archipelago. Originating from the 1st industrial revolution, this former Darboussier sugar factory is a symbolic place, and extremely important to the history of the town. Every citizen of Guadeloupe has a friend, a neighbor or an acquaintance who worked in this building that has now been completely transformed by architect Pascal Berthelot. The architect describes the Memorial ACTe as an “architectural response full of emotion, as it is the physical form of remembrance, the expression of a civilization whose memory was often oppressed and denied”. An important step in understanding and honoring the plight of the victims of these crimes against humanity.


A great activity for the whole family!


Faustine François