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The Hurricane Cocktail for a taste escape!

Ahhh the great Classic Cocktails! Everybody knows some of them… but our Expert Barman in mixology offers to deliver you his surprising Cocktails recipes! Immerse yourself in their origins, their stories and their exceptional aromas, but respect the dosages scrupulously, you will not be disappointed.



To escape and enjoy a good time with your family or couple, our barman of La Créole Beach Hotel & Spa at the Bar La Rhumerie, unveils his recipe for the famous Hurricane cocktail.

Based on rum, this cocktail is a real explosion of tropical flavours, a real trip!

For the record: this cocktail comes straight from New Orleans, Louisiana… It is said that the recipe was created at the Pat O’Brien bar, with the sole purpose of separating from a surplus of rum. That’s how the Hurricane became the flagship drink of this emblematic place in the French Quarter of New Orleans!

Although this cocktail is quite simple to make, it requires a shaker. So don’t wait any longer, get your shaker!




6cl of Guadeloupe amber rum
4 cl maracuja juice
4 cl orange juice
2 cl squeezed and filtered lime juice
2 cl grenadine syrup

For juices, it is always best to use fresh fruit and homemade juices.

The preparation :

Fill half a shaker with ice cubes.

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker.

Shake it all together.

Strain the ice into a tulip glass and decorate with a nice slice of lemon, orange or cherry. This cocktail is traditionally drunk at Mardi Gras because of its bright and vivid colours. The tulip glass is preferred for the presentation of this cocktail to highlight these beautiful colors also called hurricane glass!

An explosion of flavours will delight your taste buds and the Hurricane will essentially be an invitation to travel.

A little tip from the chef: put the glass back in the freezer for a few minutes before serving and serve well chilled!

Beware of side effects, alcohol taste is not very strong but it is present in this delicious cocktail! So: drink in moderation according to our chef’s recommendations!