La Creole Beach and SPA

Go hiking up the volcano

A unique ecosystem

Guadeloupe is not only a place to find superb picture-perfect beaches, it is also a real natural treasure and has been listed as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO since 1992, with terrestrial, coastal and aquatic areas harboring an ecosystem that is specifically protected for the conservation of the landscapes and biodiversity.

There are three types of natural habitats in Guadeloupe National Park: Tropical rainforests, the mangrove and the coastline. There are so many opportunities for excursions and incredible discoveries here.

Be sure to get a guide so that you can take full benefit from your excursions. The guides are passionate about their environment and are very good at sharing their enthusiasm and their knowledge of the area.


Basse-Terre, in the tropical rainforest on the way up to La Soufriere


This bountiful tropical rainforest is dotted with waterfalls and natural jacuzzis that you can discover in different ways. You can follow the suspended walkways up in the canopy, get there in a 4×4, or go on a hike. Why not try them all, the feelings you get from each experience are quite different. One of my favorites is the hiking expedition to discover the volcano, one of the most beautiful hikes on the island: La Soufriere, known by the locals as “The Old Lady”.


The summit is well worth it!

Discovering the summit


A 5-hour hike through the tropical rainforest. Several trails of varying levels of difficulty are possible. This excursion is not just for athletes, children over the age of 12 can also participate in this awesome adventure. Of course, we recommend that you bring a guide! (The concierge service at La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa will, no doubt, recommend the best guides).

A memorable view

Along the route you will come across several waterfalls, such as the Saut de 3 Cornes or the famous Carbet falls and sulfur springs. Watching the craters spitting out sulfur smoke is an unforgettable experience!


The Sofaia baths, natural hot sulfur springs

A well-deserved moment of relaxation at the end of your hike

Make sure you have good shoes (flip-flops are to be avoided at all costs!!!).

Take a small backpack with 1 bottle of water per person, a granola bar or some kind of snack to boost your energy levels, sunscreen lotion and waterproof and warm clothing. The volcano is often shrouded in the clouds and it can be a little cooler at the top. You will also need a bathing suit. The hike generally ends at the “Bains de Sofaia”, a natural hot sulfur spring that’s particularly pleasant after a long walk.

The spring is renowned for its benefits to the skin, not only does it beautify, but it also treats skin problems such as eczema. It also cleanses the liver!