La Creole Beach and SPA

10 beaches worth a visit on Grande-Terre

Just picture this… 180 shades of black or white sands, including all the shades you can imagine of beige, ochre and pink. The water temperature is generally 26° C (78.8° F) in winter and can go up to 31° C (87.8° F) in the summer. Just amazing.

Datcha beach

La plage de la Datcha

Just across from Gosier Island, it is easy to get to through the village of Gosier. It’s a very nice place to go for a swim. Experienced swimmers can even cross right over to Gosier Island. But make sure you never take the crossing alone. A small part of the beach is lit-up for those who prefer to swim at night. Datcha beach is also equipped with showers to rinse off after your swim.


Saint Anne beach

La plage de Ste Anne

This is a very popular beach. It is a picture-perfect setting with a crystal-clear turquoise-blue lagoon. One of the disadvantages of its popularity is that it can sometimes be noisy. It is an ideal beach for children because there are not many waves thanks to the protection provided by the coral reef. But there might be some sea urchins, so be careful! If you are lucky you may see a passing iguana. They are used to tourists and may even approach you. There are several restaurants along the beach with very affordable prices. You will most certainly come across sorbet vendors. Taste the coconut sorbet, it is a sure bet.


La Caravelle beach

La plage de La Caravelle

This large beach is divided into 2 parts, the first is rather windy and is a great place for kite surfing and windsurfing, and the second area is much calmer and more sheltered. It’s perfect for young children because the water is shallow and rather still thanks to the protection from the coral reef. Another advantage is that there are quite a few shady spots. You can also rent beach chairs for just a few Euros. Sometimes finding a spot to park can be difficult, so don’t hesitate to park further away and walk over! If you are a snorkelling enthusiast, don’t forget your snorkelling gear!


Bois Jolan beach

La plage de Bois Jolan

This beach is a little wild gem, with white sand covering approximately 1 km, between the coconut trees and turquoise-blue waters. The kids can swim here safely, but it would be best to have plastic sandals to protect their feet from the sea urchins. If you prefer the peace and quiet, come to this beach during the week. However, if you like entertainment and the festive Guadeloupe culture, come on over on the weekend! There’s music, barbecues and picnic tables set up for a family-friendly and festive atmosphere. It is also a great place to go scuba diving.


The Anse des Chateaux

L’Anse des Châteaux

This beach is wild and beautiful, but also very dangerous for swimming because of the powerful waves.
But even if you can’t swim, this beach makes you feel like you are at the ends of the earth, with a footpath that leads to the Pointe des Chateaux with one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the island. In the distance you can see the outline of La Desirade, just breathe in the intoxicating sea air and take a moment!


Salines beach

This long band of grainy sand between the sea and the marshland is often pretty windy. There’s a unique and amazing ecosystem here. You can go swimming thanks to the coral reef, but if there are heavy swells, the waves crash over the barrier and break onto the shore. The coral is a little damaged, but the reef is still home to a multitude of fish. You should know that there is very little shade here, but the beach’s exposure to the wind makes it a pleasant beach on extremely hot days.


Souffleur beach

La plage du Souffleur

This beach is not as exposed to the wind as the Pointe des Chateaux! This beautiful white sand beach is absolutely picture-perfect and close to Port Louis. If you take a little detour to the north side of the beach, you will find a footpath that leads to the mangrove with different viewpoints. A little further on you can also see the sailor’s cemetery and tombstones decorated with lambis shells. The beach is well looked after and it is safe for children to swim here. Make sure you taste a sorbet from one of the shacks alongside the beach. If you are afraid of getting bitten by mosquitoes, then make sure you leave the beach before 5:00 pm, when they start to arrive in swarms!


Porte de l’Enfer (Hell’s Door) beach

La plage Porte de l’Enfer

Don’t be put off by its name, this is a remarkable place with a little beach nestled between absolutely astounding cliffs. Be careful at the estuary though because the currents are strong! Wear good shoes to get there, the rocks are pointy and as sharp as knives! At the end of the footpath you will arrive at the “trou mam koko”, the place where according to legend, Madame Koko came to sell her soul to the Devil in exchange for fortune. However, she didn’t fulfill her part of the bargain, and was taken away by the Devil himself. Ever since, sailors tell stories of seeing her walking on the water accompanied by a sinister knight before disappearing into the water with her parasol!


Raisins Clairs (White Grapes) beach

La plage des Raisins Clairs

This beach is near Saint François and surrounded by grape fields. You’ll find white sand and crystal-clear waters marked off by a coral reef. In the distance, you can see the Saints Islands and La Desirade nestled peacefully in the shade of the trees. This beach is particularly popular on the weekends! You absolutely must try the famous Guadeloupe Bokit, a delicious sandwich sold on the beachfront.


The Autre Bord beach

This beach has golden sand and coconut trees, the ideal combination for a perfect day! The beach is well equipped with several shaded huts, showers and sanitary facilities. The water is magnificent and you can swim here in complete safety. A little further down there is a water park with a pool and 57-meter water slide that children will love.