La Creole Beach and SPA

Massage Hut

Head to our outdoor massage hut on the beach, for a massage overlooking the ocean, lulled by the gentle breeze.


Enjoy our balneotherapy rooms with soft lighting that changes color throughout your session.

We add essential oils to your bath, to make this invigorating experience even more enjoyable.

There’s also a massage table in the room so you can choose to make the most of your pampering session and treat yourself to a body sculpting or other treatment.

Relaxation Area

You are free to use the relaxation area in the Spa.

Relax and unwind on a sun lounger, surrounded by the invigorating scents of essential oils, relaxing music and soft lighting.

We also offer several varieties of tea (green, black and rooibos).

Sauna & Steam Room

Enjoy the oriental-style steam room, or the sauna with essential oils in the water to pour onto hot stones, for the ultimate relaxation and to purify the mind and body.

Treatments & Massages

Come and unwind in a natural atmosphere with wood and warm colors and relaxing music.

Drift away to the invigorating scents of the products we use for your treatments.